Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)


Similarly to many other companies, you have adopted a Service-Oriented-Architecture for your IT infrastructure. At the same time you have established tools for process modelling, requirements engineering or systems specification ... and lots of valuable data within. You would like to make this data available in the SOA context with minimum effort.


Valuable content of modelling and engineering tools as shown on the left is transferred to the ReqIF Server which makes it available for other applications in a SOA context as shown on the right.
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For many tools there are solutions to export the contents in RIF/ReqIF format or to transform their output to RIF/ReqIF. Using the ReqIF Server, every single information element, be it a diagram, element description or requirement, gets a web address ("URL") and is accessible via web-service without further setup. Create, read, update and delete operations are available. For easy navigation, the hierarchies or relations as established in the original tools can be used.

Please note that this is a radical change to traditional 'integrated product suites'. The ReqIF Server is a resource container focused on system specifica­tion; it is integrated with any other web-enabled product using standard web-technology. In an open service-oriented environment any change for the better can be applied to confined components without affecting others.

The ReqIF Server is both a versatile and easy-to-use software product based on open standards. Being built using model-driven-software-development methods, it is of exceptionally high quality. The ReqIF Server is being developed and licensed by eXXcellent solutions GmbH, Ulm.

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