Fast DOORS® Import/Export with requisis_ReX

IBM Rational DOORS® is one of the most popular applications for modern requirements management for systems and professional IT applications. Using requisis_ReX you can rapidly import or export high volumes of RIF data. requisis_ReX can be flexibly configured. Importing to and exporting from DOORS® has never been so performant, flexible and secure.

Features and benefits:

  • performance optimized import/export engine
  • reuse of existing mapping data of DOORS® eXchange or Atego Exerpt is possible
  • supports many simultaneous export configurations
  • OLE objects are exported as such or converted to an image for web compatible viewing
  • transactional import - all or nothing
  • writes change log when importing
  • base lines for process support

The information of this page has been provided by the vendor REQUISIS GmbH, Berlin, a specialist for Requirements Engineering and DOORS® apllications. For further detail, please refer to the Requisis web site or to the product flyer (both in german language).

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