Interactive Spec - Live Demo

Have a look at some demo projects. These have been deliberately assigned to an anonymous user, so there is no need for you to log-in. The structure you find corresponds to what has been defined in the authoring system, e.g. the chapter outline on the left, the attributes available, the relations and so on. Click on the information items and see what happens. In case of the dimmer, you may even click on the diagram elements to get to the the next level of detail. Thanks to the latest web-technology, interaction is brought to the next level.


Traceability has a lot of focus, these days. If you want to interlink your requirements with any other content you have, such as business processes, development tasks or test-cases, don't hesitate to talk to us. Interlinking is easy. The ReqIF web-app you see in the demo has just a couple of thousands lines of javascript code (in addition to the standard libraries it uses). Scalability, access control, versioning and other enterprise-class characteristics are assured by the underlying ReqIF Server.

The ReqIF Server is both a versatile and easy-to-use software product based on open standards. Being built using model-driven-software-development methods, it is of exceptionally high quality. The ReqIF Server is being developed and licensed by eXXcellent solutions GmbH, Ulm.

Interested?  Talk to us: reqif(at) or info(at)

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