Application and Purpose

The ReqIF Server provides interactive and programmatic access to requirements and specification data in general.

The "Interactive Spec" (German: "Interaktives Lastenheft" or "iLAH") is an intuitive user interface to read and modify specifications in ReqIF format. Both the structure and the content of a ReqIF file are used to build a corresponding web-document, no matter which authoring tool has been used to create it. Apart from user administration, no setup is needed to get going: It is an easy and cost-effective way to directly work with ReqIF data.

Users can

  • share the latest revision of requirements (read more ...),
  • discuss improvements directly at the requirement concerned (read more ...),
  • put the data from different authoring tools such as IBM Rational DOORS®, PTC Integrity®, Enterprise Architect®, ARCWAY Cockpit in a common context (read more ...) and
  • reference every single requirement from other documents and tools by web-link (read more ...).

The "Interactive Spec" is a web-app using the ReqIF Server. The server's enterprise-class characteristics apply, without that the user is burdened with it. For example:

  • The user always sees the newest revisions of the objects and doesn't even notice that the server has a full-blown data historizing in place. If needed, the trace of changes or any historic state of work can be inspected (with a more sophisticated web-app or by querying the web-services).
  • Access control with create/read/update/delete permissions per user role are woven into the server and applies to all web-apps. The data supplied and the functions available depend on the role of the current user.
  • Concurrent operations of multiple users are handled by means of transaction control and optimistic locking.

Major Features and Characteristics

The "Interactive Spec" is available in two editions:

  • The workstation edition is suited for installation on a workstation for personal use. An embedded database and a light-weight web-server are included in the installation package.
  • The enterprise edition is installed on a server, whereas the users simply need a common web-browser. No further installation is needed on a client workstation or tablet.

In terms of function, both editions are identical. The user administration is available in the workstation edition, however usually not needed.


Browse a ReqIF SpecificationWorkstation EditionEnterprise Edition
View outline and table of objects (requirements) yes yes
View outline and detail page per object (requirement) yes yes
View relations of an object (requirement) yes yes
Navigate from object to object by outline yes yes
Navigate from object to object by relation yes yes
Display images in-line (png, gif, svg, jpg, ..) yes yes
Display OLE preview images, if available yes yes
Open OLE objects with office application yes yes
Review, Discuss and AgreeWorkstation EditionEnterprise Edition
Directly work with ReqIF data yes yes
Edit attributes with widgets (dropdown, date-picker etc.) yes yes
Edit formatted text (WYSIWYG) yes yes
Support HIS Agreement Process (Automotive Industry) yes yes
Interactively Write a SpecificationWorkstation EditionEnterprise Edition
Create a project using a template with pre-configured types yes yes
Create an outline with chapters and sub-chapters yes yes
Move an object in the outline per drag'n'drop yes yes
Create, clone or update an object (requirement) within the outline yes yes
Delete an object yes yes
General Features and CharacteristicsWorkstation EditionEnterprise Edition
‚Liquid layout‘ adapts to all devices including tablets yes yes
Visibility per attribute controlled by user role yes yes
Edit permission per attribute controlled by user role yes yes
Immediate type-sensitive checking of input yes yes
Optimistic locking to prevent simultaneous updates yes yes
Permanent web-address (URL) for every revision of every object (req.) yes yes
Create/Update/Read/Delete a user (yes) yes
Built-in roles ADMIN, READER, REQIF (yes) yes
Create/Update/Read/Delete a role with permissions (yes) yes
Assign user roles per project (yes) yes
Assign project roles per user (yes) yes
No setup beyond users, roles and rights (yes) yes

Supported Platforms

The following platforms plus all newer versions are supported as a standard. The platforms marked with an asterisc* are included in the automatic regression testing.

Operating System

  • Linux* (recommended)
  • MS Windows Server 2008
  • MS Windows Vista Business

Java Runtime Environment

  • JRE 1.6* (1.7 recommended)


  • MySql 5.1 (5.5* recommended)
  • PostgreSql 7.1.2 (8.1 recommended)
  • Oracle Database 8i (10* recommended)
  • IBM DB2 7.1
  • MS SQL Server 2008 r2
  • HSQLDB 2.1


  • Firefox 4
  • Safari 6
  • Chrome 36
  • Opera 10 (upon request)
  • MS Internet Explorer 10
  • MS Internet Explorer 9 (with reduced feature set)
  • MS Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7 (upon request)
  • Firefox for Android
  • Chrome for Android
  • iOS Safari 6


  • Apache Tomcat 6* (7 recommended)
  • Jetty 7
  • Glassfish 2
  • JBoss 5.1

National Languages

  • User-Interface: English, Deutsch, Français
  • System Messages: English
  • Documentation: English


The Interactive Spec and the ReqIF Server built on the following standards:

General Provisions

  • The feature set available in a given installation may vary depending on the license agreement.
  • Before upgrading platforms or application software for production, previous integration testing in a non-production environment is recommended.

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