Resource Management for the Automated Document Factory

[Ulm, Böblingen, 2014-04-08] Compart AG offers the Resource Director as an integral part of its DocBridge product family. In an automated document factory (ADF), the Resource Director manages the dependencies between application revisions and thousands of resources such as images, fonts, profiles and more.

Users benefit from

  • updating resources without side-effects on other applications,
  • simply moving an application from one server to another (staging),
  • controlling access to sensitive resources such as signatures,
  • easily reverting to previous application revisions,
  • bridging system boundaries by using standard web technology and thus
  • professional datacenter operations in a context of ever increasing demands for compliance.

Compart and eXXcellent solutions have signed an agreement to use the ReqIF Server as core engine for the DocBridge Resource Director.  Its main features include a dynamic data model, full data historization and role-based, fine grained access control. The ReqIF Server is perfectly suited for dependency management of object revisions (also called configuration management). Every object revision has a web-address (URL) and all operations are available via web-service. This allows for easy system integration in a service-oriented-archi­tecture. The solution can be installed on-premise or in a cloud, depending on the preference of the end-user.

Compart and enso managers have been cooperating in the area of document and output management for many years, most recently the Resource Director has been conceived.

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