Interaktive Spec as Software-Service

[Berlin, 2016-03-21] The 'Interactive Spec' is offered as a software-service in the web ("cloud"). You can flexibly book the needed number of user accounts for the duration of the project - without any investment. The first user of a group works for free, the fees for additional users are rather small, e.g. 240 EUR or 260$ for 12 person-months. There are attractive volume discounts.

The ReqIF Server is used as a platform; it secures the data access according to the roles and permissions of the respective user (create, read, update, delete) and historizes all changes. You can exchange your data with many other tools without loss, among others with IBM DOORS, PTC Integrity and Polarion.

Tralios IT is responsible for installation and operation with high requirements on privacy and data security. The servers are physically located at TelemaxX in Karlsruhe, Germany. Tralios takes care of timely updating and securizing the Linux-based software stack, monitoring the availability of the service as well as daily data backup.

Alternatively you may yourself operate the software; you have the choice of renting or purchasing user licenses.

Interested? Have a look at our online-demo (only reading permission) or write to

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