Interactive Requirement Specification

[Berlin, 2015-05-15] A new release of the 'Interactive Spec' features major improvements for preparing requirement specifications in collaboration:

  • collect and organize requirements in a team
  • review and comment the resulting requirement specification
  • reference requirements from other tools, for example by tasks ("issues") or test cases.


  • create and edit formatted text: "what you see is what you get"
  • enter ordered and unordered lists, tables, images, links etc.
  • select from pre-defined (so-called "enumerated") values
  • customize object types and thus matching web-forms
  • define roles with create/read/update and delete permissions per object attribute
  • audit the history of changes
  • reference individual objects by revision for efficient linking between web-tools

Read more on how to easily create requirement specifications using your web-browser.

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