ARCWAY Cockpit Co-Pilot

[Berlin, 2013-10-22] ARCWAY AG releases its new collaboration add-on 'Cockpit Co-Pilot'. With a web-browser and an intuitive user interface, users can

  • closely follow business process modelling, IT system documentation and requirement specification,
  • add comments, enter open issues or submit new requirements, as well as
  • reference any model element (such as a requirement) with a web-link, e.g. to trace the origin of a project task or a test case.

ARCWAY Cockpit is a tool for creating system concepts and specifications using the Busines Process Model and Notation (BPMN), the Fundamental Modelling Concept (FMC) and others. High quality results are obtained, as Cockpit effectively supports the users in building a logical system model behind the diagrams. Thus, diagrams are kept consistent and cross-checking of different views is facilitated.

ARCWAY Cockpit Co-Pilot is built using the ReqIF Server. The latter securely executes the web user transactions. Different user roles may control which information elements are visible or even editable. Apart from users and roles there is no administration; the project structure and content including custom properties of model elements is automatically propagated from ARCWAY Cockpit to the web frontend. Similarly, all comments, open issues and new requirements are synchronized back to ARCWAY Cockpit.

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