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You would like to make available business process models, system specifications or just a list of requirements ... to inform collaborators or others who may benefit from your work. All information shall be consistent and actual, thus be a "living documentation". Viewing shall be easy and require just a standard web browser.


Using your favorite web browser, ReqIF Views lets you explore SpecObjects with their attributes and relations. RESTful web services are available for application integration.
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Using the ReqIF Server with its web-app 'Interactive Spec' (german abbreviation 'iLAH') you can:

  • Import a project (Load a RIF/ReqIF- or CSV-File)
  • List projects
  • List objects of a project in a hierarchy tree
  • View object attributes and relations
  • ... where descriptions may have formatted text and images
  • Download images and attachments
  • Navigate from object to object following the relations

Once imported, all objects get individual web addresses, so they can be easily referenced in any document or web application.


The following shows an integrated specification of a home automation system which has been prepared with ARCWAY Cockpit. 'Integrated' means that the model elements with the same name appearing on different diagrams actually are the same. Renaming in one diagram renames them in all others, just to give an example. Also the model elements are interlinked by automatically and manually derived relations.

The integrated specification is made of:

  • System composition diagrams showing the modules and interfaces.
  • Usage scenarios showing the user interaction and system behavior.
  • Requirements which are related to system modules and process steps.
  • The chapter hierarchy is taken from the authoring system and is shown on the left.
  • You can choose a tabular view to read the specification like a document,
  • .. or a detail view showing a single item with all its attributes on a page.
  • Navigation is done by clicking an entry in the chapter hierarchy or with the 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons.

Click on a screenshot to enlarge it. In display mode, click on the arrow at right to go the next or at the left to return to the previous.

The ReqIF Server is both a versatile and easy-to-use software product based on open standards. Being built using model-driven-software-development methods, it is of exceptionally high quality. The ReqIF Server is being developed and licensed by eXXcellent solutions GmbH, Ulm.

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