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You are managing your product's requirements in a well established requirements management tool such as IBM Rational DOORS┬« or PTC Integrity┬«. You need to review requirements of a subsystem in a distributed team or with a supplier. It shall be easy to read and comment upon require­ments or other specification objects, such as diagrams. It shall be easy for the reviewer to edit certain attributes, for example a comment and a status field.

The feedback shall re-imported into the leading requirement management tool .. auto­matically, if possible.


"Interactive Specification" is a typical use case involving employees, partners and suppliers into the requirements management process. Certain attributes can be edited by reviewers, e.g. comments or status, and others can only be viewed.
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Export the relevant set of specification objects from your requirements management tool to the ReqIF Server. The latter lets you view the content of the ReqIF-file in a web-browser without any further pre­paration. A table of specifi­cation objects (requirements) as well as detail views are available. According to the access poli­cies defined in the ReqIF file, reviewers can update certain attributes and add comments.

The exchange process corresponds to the RIF 1.1a and ReqIF 1.0.1 standard specifications and to the HIS Agreement Process on Requirements.

Of course, a secure communication protocol (HTTPS) can be used to protect your data.

Use Cases

  • List all specification objects (such as requirements or diagrams) and inspect details
  • Filter, sort and search per attribute
  • Add your personal comments
  • Prioritize
  • Consolidate and rework requirement content
  • Manage and follow life-cycle status
  • Re-import updated specification object to the leading Requirement Management Tool


  • 'Reviewer' with edit rights for certain attributes according to RIF access policies
  • 'Review-Manager' with full access to objects and attributes


  • Tailor to the project needs through user-defined attributes and values.
  • Keep your data in-house and protect it.
  • Automate and accelerate the review round-trips.


The following screenshots show

  1. a list of requirements, title and description in the main column and other attributes on the right side.
  2. a detail view of a requirement for a user with supplier role, where he can enter a comment and set his status,
  3. the detail view of the same requirement for a user with OEM role, where he can edit his attributes.
  4. the trail of changes when selecting the tab 'Revisions'.

This process corresponds to the 'HIS Agreement Process for Requirements' as adopted by the German car industry. Of course, the editable attributes and the selectable values can be adapted to the specific needs of a given project.

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The ReqIF Server is both a versatile and easy-to-use software product based on open standards. Being built using model-driven-software-development methods, it is of exceptionally high quality. The ReqIF Server is being developed and licensed by eXXcellent solutions GmbH, Ulm.

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