Collaborate on Requirements


You would like to collect, to discuss, to improve and to vote upon system requirements in a distributed team. Requestors create entries and comment on others, while Requirement Managers consolidate and prioritize them based on requestor's comments. Finally, you want to share approved requirement specifications with subsequent process steps - for example system design, task management up to acceptance testing.


The "Interactive Spec" is a simple Web-Application. For persistent storage and for sharing the data with other applications, the standard ReqIF Server is used.

Use Cases

  • Submit Requirements in a simple web-form
  • List all entries and browse details
  • Full-text search
  • Filter by attribute value(s)
  • Add your personal comments
  • Vote to influence priority setting
  • Consolidate and rework requirement content
  • Prioritize
  • Manage and follow life-cycle status
  • Expedite selected requirments to subsequent process steps such as system modelling or task management, using bidirectional web-links.


  • Requestor
  • Requirement-Manager


  • Tailor to the project needs through user-defined attributes and values.
  • Your data are yours - we help you to use them in other tools.


Take a look at some screenshots. You see how chapters and paragraphs are added to the outline one-by-one, how formatted text, tables, images are entered and finally how paragraphs can be moved in the outline by drag'n'drop.

Click on an image to enlarge it and navigate to the next one.

The ReqIF Server is both a versatile and easy-to-use software product based on open standards. Being built using model-driven-software-development methods, it is of exceptionally high quality. The ReqIF Server is being developed and licensed by eXXcellent solutions GmbH, Ulm.

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